Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura Collection Update

Good Afternoon,

We continue to monitor the progress of Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura as we make plans on our collection schedule for this week. As of 3:45 pm this afternoon, these are our current plans on how our schedule will run this week.

  1. RECYCLING IS SUSPENDED FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK! This will allow us to use available resources on making sure all of the garbage gets collected. We will resume our regular schedule for collecting recyclables next week starting on August 31st.
  2. MONDAY AUGUST 24th: We will be running our regular garbage routes on Monday. Please have your carts to the curb this evening or prior to 5 am tomorrow morning. Due to the incoming weather, we will probably start earlier than normal tomorrow morning. We encourage all residents to please put your carts out tonight. Once we have emptied your cart(s), we ask that all residents please remove your carts from the curb and put in a secured location (garage, behind fence, etc).
  3. Also please do not put out mattresses, furniture, etc. We would like to get all of the true household garbage picked up in a timely manner so that we can get our Team members off the street early and safely prior to the bad weather reaching our area. We would like for all of our employees to be able to get home safely to take of their families.
  4. For the safety of our Drivers and Helpers, should the winds get too high before we are able to get all garbage collected, we will have to pull all of our trucks off the roads and get them back to the yard. We will keep everyone updated on our Facebook page and on our website.

TUESDAY AUGUST 25th: as of right now, we do plan on running our regular garbage routes on Tuesday. HOWEVER, we may have to start later than normal on Tuesday morning. This will all depend on the location of Marco and the weather conditions that are present on Tuesday morning. We will make this decision on Monday and post updates on FB and on our website.




Our office will be open tomorrow from 8 am – Noon. At that time we will close the office. We will be checking voicemails and emails for the remainder of the day remotely.

The SAFETY of our Team Members is our #1 priority! Our TEAM is committed to getting all garbage picked up this week. However this all depends on the weather.

Thank you very much for your understanding and your patience. We hope everyone remains safe. Please keep checking our FB page and our website for updates.