Recycling Returns October 4, 2021

We are very excited to announce that we will resume our regularly scheduled Recycling service in all areas starting the week of October 4th. Please remember to put your recycling cart/bin out the night prior to service.
Please remember to remove your recycling cart/bin from the curb once your cart bin has been serviced. If your recycling cart/bin is at the curb on your scheduled garbage day, your recycling cart/bin will be dumped with the garbage.
Thank you very much as we have worked through some labor shortages due to Covid and Hurricane IDA. While we are still not fully staffed, we do feel we have enough Drivers and Helpers to cover all routes.
As always, we thank you for your patience, understanding, and support. Thank you for being part of our family at CES!
Need a reminder to see items that are accepted and items that are not accepted as recyclable? Go to: